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ICO Plans a £99m GDPR Fine for Marriott

The UK’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) is planning to fine Marriott International £99m (€109.93m) for last year’s data breach. The proposed Marriott fine comes hot on the heels of a record-breaking GDPR fine of £183 million imposed by the ICO…

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British Airways Slapped With £183m GDPR Mega-Fine

The UK’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has levied a record-breaking £183.39 million (€204.62 million) GDPR fine on British Airways for failing to protect customers’ financial and personal data following a cyber-attack on its website last year. The Information Commissioner’s Office…

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Happy Birthday GDPR – One Year On!

This article, written by Dr Roselyn Borg and Mr Angelito Sciberras, was first published in the 10th annual Business Leaders Annual Conference’s magazine. — Dear GDPR, Before you were born, you already attained a lot of attention. Now you have…

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Statistics behind the 1st year of GDPR

Malta registers a high incidence of data breach reports per capita A year ago, 25th May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force with a seismic shift in privacy and information rights. It brought new and…

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Subject Access Requests Rise Under GDPR

Since its inception, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought a paradigm shift within the organisations regarding data privacy landscape. Handling subject access requests (SARs) effectively and within the prescribed time remains a challenge for many employers especially where…

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