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In-House Training

21 Academy offers and delivers an array of self-designed courses and training sessions which include a selection of accredited and non-accredited programmes. The Academy provides training on various subjects which serve to help both employers and employees expand their fields of knowledge to the best possible extent.

The courses listed in our Training Programme have been set out for you to peruse the variety of services which 21 Academy can offer you with reference to training for your human resources which will be eligible for funding through a number of assistance schemes currently being offered by both Jobsplus and Malta Enterprise.

Whilst the courses set out in this document give a brief overview of the details thereof, you may contact us to discuss pricing, contact hours or other matters related to delivery. The team at Advisory 21 can also assist you in designing custom made training programmes based on your specific wishes. We have significant experience in designing tailor made courses and training sessions depending on clients’ needs and wishes and we are therefore prepared to put your thoughts into effect to prepare and deliver any sessions which you may have in mind.

Our training programmes are designed to target those in management and the employees.

Get your money back when booking for our programmes through one of the available schemes from Jobsplus or Malta Enetrprise.