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How do we work?

How does Advisory 21 work as your Debt Collector Agency?

Different Debt Recovery agencies use different strategies in order to collect monies due. Most adopt the hard way through legal inhibition and warnings but we at Advisory 21 prefer a softer and more polite way of operation.

We are convinced that dialogue and persuasion are more cost efficient and do not destroy business relationships and have also been proven to produce the best results. Obviously we also offer the legal approach in instances where collection of debts might prove more difficult but most studies show that compromise is always the best policy and that one should only proceed legally in extreme cases.

Dialogue and compromise obviously keep costs at minimum levels compared to potentially costly legal procedures. What makes our efforts successful is the sheer volume of work and attention we dedicate to collect your money rather than bullying your clients through court action.

What makes us believe in our approach ?

Most times the sheer weight of being contacted by a debt collection agency is enough to move payment from a client.

We take the time to understand why clients are late in paying dues and we work with them to compromise on solutions which work for both parties and ensure eventual payment within a reasonable time frame.

Our staff is highly trained and therefore capable of handling situations which might seem difficult.

We always do our very best not to compromise relationships with your clients. Most times clients may have financial difficulty at a particular time but are usually trustworthy. We always try to make sure that relationships you’re your clientele are safeguarded.

We also have the necessary means to proceed with legal action, subject to your approval, and we will offer guidance when we think this might be necessary to recover funds. Keep in mind however that even securing a judgment does not guarantee payment.

What do we charge for our services ?

As stated before, our fees are success based which means that in case we are not successful, you pay nothing. We do however charge a small amount for initial charges depending on the age of the invoice and the location of the debtor.

It is important to note that some debtors may owe monies to other businesses and therefore we need to research and ascertain the financial status of each, case by case.

In case of things going further and involving legal proceedings, costs will be assessed case by case with fees depending on the clarity and length of proceedings involved.

What else is there to know about our services ?

Our agency much relies on years of experience of our staff and professional assistants. We conduct most of the follow ups by phone, email, postal letters and where necessary face to face. We aim at persuasion and compromise rather than inhibition. All these methods of approach carry different levels of success aimed at giving our client the desired result.

If you have any further queries or should you want to discuss possibilities further please contact us on info@advisory21.com.mt or +356 2099 5486



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