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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Services

Unlike most other debt recovery agencies, we prefer not to use inhibition through legal ways but we prefer a more subtle yet effective way of negotiation.

We are committed to be as cost effective as possible, therefore we try our very best to avoid things escalating into legal action. We do this through a polite and persuasive manner of operation, carefully managed by our experienced and competent team of specialists.

We also make sure that whenever possible long lasting business relationships are maintained by working out efficient repayment models and keeping communication alive and decent. Of course we also offer the harder legal approach with the help of professionals but we always keep that as a last gasp method.

We will give you a service which is only paid for if we are successful.


Why do you need healthy credit control?

Running and making a business successful has many different aspects but one of the most important issues is maintaining an effective credit control procedure. Business needs a healthy cash flow to ensure seamless operation, therefore one must ensure that overdue invoices do not hinder the business in this respect. 


What are the benefits of using Debt Recovery Services?

Using a debt recovery specialist means that your success rate in gathering monies due to you is enhanced since it is handled by persons who can offer expert advice on the matter. It will also help you recover time which would have otherwise been wasted in chasing these debts.


How do we work as your Debt Collection Agency?

We are convinced that dialogue and persuasion are more cost efficient and do not destroy business relationships and have also been proven to produce the best results. Obviously we also offer the legal approach in instances where collection of debts might prove more difficult.



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