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Mastering the Art of Work Event Planning

16 July 2025 Organising a successful work event involves a blend of strategic planning, creativity, and comprehensive knowledge. Here are key elements to consider:  Defining Objectives and Audience Start by clearly defining the event’s purpose and identifying your target audience….

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Enabling a Learning Organisation

16 July 2025 The concept of a learning organisation has become increasingly important in the modern business world. For those in Human Resources, understanding and fostering this concept is not just beneficial—it is imperative. A learning organisation continuously evolves by…

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Never Stop Learning

19 June 2024 The Importance of Continuous Education The pursuit of knowledge should not end with formal schooling. Continuous education, extending beyond the traditional classroom, is essential for personal and professional development. This lifelong journey of learning holds significant value…

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Gaining Insights… FAQs in Employment

08 March 2024 Attending a webinar focused on frequently asked questions in employment is a strategic investment for HR professionals and employment lawyers. It not only keeps them abreast of the latest legal developments but also provides practical insights, risk…

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The Vital Role of Conducting a Yearly Payroll Audit

8 November 2023 In the dynamic business landscape of Malta, where legislative changes can significantly impact payroll operations, it becomes increasingly critical for companies to prioritise the annual practice of conducting a thorough payroll audit. With measures announced in the…

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