It is going to be a very busy post summer till end of year period for 21 Academy. So far the Academy has launched 3 courses, starting in October, and 8 workshops, starting from September. More courses and workshops are in the pipeline and are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Both courses and workshops are targeted to a diverse audience, including those already in employment and others who have just finished their post secondary school studies and are either attending University, repeating 6th form or also taking a year off from the mainstream education system. This time round the Academy has designed its workshops to target those working in Human Resources, IT, Marketing and Finance.

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Award in Company Law Fundamentals – MQF Level 7 – 25 hours of structured CPE

For the second time, 21 Academy in collaboration with Camilleri Preziosi Advocates is presenting this course which is spread over 10 evening lectures. This course introduces delegates to the important elements of company law, concentrating on those parts of the regime which are predominantly relevant to in-house lawyers, lawyers working in private practice, directors, company secretaries, CEO’s and business owners, accountants and chief financial officers. It is also of relevance to anyone who has an interest in law and company matters. It is also ideal for lawyers specialising in other areas who want to find out about the topic, and for those who have some experience in the field and are looking for a refresher course.

This course will help you benefit from a conceptual and practical knowledge base in company law. The objective of this course is to walk you through the fundamentals of company law using plain language and giving practical examples. It covers the lifetime of the company, its legal obligations and its day to day business.

Tools & Skills Course 4 Youths

The course is aimed at all youths who are 16 years old and upwards including those who are attending 6th form, those who are studying at any educational establishment including MCAST and UoM, those who have a gap year and are working on their A’ levels to keep furthering their studies as well as those who may have decided to venture out into the world of work.

Course for Data Protection Officers/Leads

Following the success of the first four courses, 21 Academy is pleased to announce that it has once again partnered with 21 Law, Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, Fenech and Fenech Advocates and Mamo TCV Advocates to deliver a short course for prospective Data Protection Officers or employees who have been entrusted with the task to be the Data Protection leader within the company.

The main learning objectives include the following:

  • Developing an in-depth knowledge of methods and notions required in actual alignment with GDPR
  • Understanding the new requirements brought by the GDPR and how to implement such requirements.
  • Learning the skills to support an organisation in implementation and assessment of these new requirements
  • Gaining the knowledge and skills required to guide your organisation in managing personal data including sensitive data
  • Acquiring analysis and decision making expertise in the context of personal data protection


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Payroll Basics

This workshop is recommended for those individuals, particularly those working in Human Resources or Finance, who would like to have basic knowledge on payroll. Preparing the individuals to focus on taxation process, social security, payslips, and the relationship of payroll with business systems.

GDPR for IT Professionals

This workshop is for a limited number of people hence ensuring that it is delivered in an interactive way and that participants have a chance to ask questions. The workshop will assist IT professionals in learning how to adapt the company’s IT infrastructure to be GDPR-compliant and be able to implement the necessary policy and procedures.

Who should attend: IT Managers, IT employees and anyone working in the IT field.

Schemes to help your Business – 3.5 hours of structured CPE

Malta has an array of incentives for the promotion and expansion of industry and the development of innovative enterprises.

Most these incentives are available for those enterprises demonstrating commitment towards growth, an increase in value added and employment and are available for businesses engaged in every filed such as aviation, call centers, education and training, gaming, healthcare, ICT development activities, logistics, manufacturing, maritime services, pharmaceuticals and more.

During this workshop we will go through many of the schemes available and how to identify the best scheme which suits your business and industry. You will also learn how to make the best out of each scheme and how to apply for each.

2020 HR Trends – Looking Ahead

In this workshop we will be discussing the latest HR Trends and the actual implications from an employment law perspective. Keeping up to date and also planning ahead is key for an HR professional who wants to stay on top of the game as well as attract and retain the best talent. The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of the latest trends and this workshop will be held in an interactive way allowing HR professionals to express their challenges as well as discuss together their experiences and views.

GDPR for Marketers

This workshop is for anyone working in marketing, from in-house marketing to individuals working with a marketing agency as well as self-employed marketing professionals.

The GDPR has been and is still a topic which is a headache for many organisations and this comes together with the European Union ePrivacy regulation which, although not yet in force (the aim was for it to come into force together with the GDPR) aims  to broaden the scope of the current ePrivacy Directive and align the various online privacy rules that exist across EU member states. The regulation takes on board all definitions of privacy and data that were introduced within the General Data Protection Regulations, and acts to clarify and enhance it. In particular, the areas of unsolicited marketing, Cookies and Confidentiality are covered in a more specific context.

Employment Benefits: A Win-Win Solution – 3.5 hours of structured CPE

Employees and Employers work together for the benefit of the organisation, and the employees’ enrichment. Be it monetary, intellectual, quality of life enhancement, or cultural, employees seek to maximise their takings from any organisation. Likewise, Employers have to thrive to benefit from their investment and use all resources to grow the organisation and post better profits.

Within this scenario, the workshop will touch upon the various employment benefits existent in the Maltese context. It will also analyse the best practices applied by Maltese organisations, and the issues that such benefits create. The legal framework regulating such benefits, and the fiscal impact thereof will also be discussed.

GDPR for Accountants – an Update – 3.5 hours of structured CPE

During this session we will explore the implications of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on the accountancy profession. This will include salient topics for accountants and will analyse case studies related to employee personal data as well as client personal data which will help participants become more compliant.

The workshop will also cover GDPR aspects including but not limited to Controller Processor relationships, identifying whether you are acting as a Controller and a Processor, IT security, internal procedures, subject access requests, policies that have to be in place, and raising awareness.

GDPR for Local Councils – an Update

During this 3.5 hour workshop we will go through data breach reports both locally and throughout Europe since the introduction of GDPR in March 2018 and we will identify the lessons learnt from each case. Most of the cases we will visit will be about local authorities in other countries.

We will also go through the new guidelines adopted by the European Data Protection Board on the 10th July 2019 on processing of personal data through video devices and assess their impact on the way Local Councils process data captured through CCTV.