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In-house Training: what’s in it for you?

“Do not take it for granted that all your employees have the same awareness and understanding.” We are noting that discrimination matters are on the increase (in particular in relation to comments/jokes being made at the workplace)  however this does…

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ICO Plans a £99m GDPR Fine for Marriott

The UK’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) is planning to fine Marriott International £99m (€109.93m) for last year’s data breach. The proposed Marriott fine comes hot on the heels of a record-breaking GDPR fine of £183 million imposed by the ICO…

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British Airways Slapped With £183m GDPR Mega-Fine

The UK’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has levied a record-breaking £183.39 million (€204.62 million) GDPR fine on British Airways for failing to protect customers’ financial and personal data following a cyber-attack on its website last year. The Information Commissioner’s Office…

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Happy Birthday GDPR – One Year On!

This article, written by Dr Roselyn Borg and Mr Angelito Sciberras, was first published in the 10th annual Business Leaders Annual Conference’s magazine. — Dear GDPR, Before you were born, you already attained a lot of attention. Now you have…

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Statistics behind the 1st year of GDPR

Malta registers a high incidence of data breach reports per capita A year ago, 25th May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force with a seismic shift in privacy and information rights. It brought new and…

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