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Lecture Schedule & Notes

Lecture notes will be available during the week following the respective lecture. Schedule dates are indicative and may change. All changes, if any, may be communicated via email, SMS or telephone calls.

LectureDateTimePresentationNotes (If Any)Session Recording
Session 0107 March 202309:00 to 13:00hrsPresentation 01Request
Session 0209 March 202309:00 to 13:00hrsPresentation 02A
Presentation 02B
Session 0314 March 202309:00 to 13:00hrsPresentation 03Request
Session 0416 March 202309:00 to 13:00hrsPresentation 04Request
Session 0521 March 202309:00 to 13:00hrsPresentation 05Request

Lecture 1 - Dr Paul Gonzi

Date: Tuesday 07 March 2023
Background on GDPR
The role of the DPO – what it involves.
What constitutes personal data.
The 6 data protection principles – applying them and showing compliance.

Lecture 2 - Dr Christine CallejaDr Warren Ciantar

Date: Thursday 09 March 2023
Rights of Data Subjects
Giving and withdrawing consent
How to handle subject access requests
GDPR in the employment context

Lecture 3 - Dr Sharon Xuereb

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2023
The role of the controller
The role of the processor
The relationship between the controller and the processor
Transferring personal data outside the EU and the mechanisms for compliance.

Lecture 4 - Camilleri Preziosi - Dr Alexia Valenzia

Date: Thursday 16 March 2023
Legal requirements of a Data Protection Impact Assessment
How to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment
Policies and Procedures – putting things in place / updating

Lecture 5 - Dr Sarah Cannataci

Date: Tuesday 21 March 2023
Dealing with IT and Security
Data security Failures
Recording and Reporting breaches
The costs and implications of getting GDPR wrong​


Requesting a link to a recorded session

We will be recording each session and the recording will only be made available upon request to any participant missing the session. The recording will not be downloadable, and the link will expire within 24 hours of it being sent. Request the link to the recorded session by clicking in the respective link in the study programme's timetable above and send the email request..