21 Academy has a number of Policies and Procedures that it implements in order to ensure that, it provides a safe environment to both students and staff as well for students to be informed on their rights and how these can be entertained. Most of these policies are publicly available on the Academy’s website and should also be reviewed in detail by all students enrolled in studying with us.

Others policies and their respective procedure forms are made available below.

Student Handbook

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide you with all of the knowledge you will need to prepare for and participate in 21 Academy’s study programmes, be it if they are delivered in-class or online. Please make sure you that you have read it through thoroughly before the starting the study programme or before travelling to Malta if you are joining us in-class from abroad.

Download: Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the expectations of how students participating in study programmes delivered by 21 Academy interact with the Academy, its staff members and each other.

Download: Student Code of Conduct

Students' Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice allows 21 Academy to present to students in a clear and precise manner the personal data that may be collected during the duration of the students' experience with us. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our students. Therefore, we set out the conditions under which students’ personal data may be processed.

Download: Students Privacy Notice

Deferral, Suspension, and Cancellation Policy

21 Academy’s Deferral, Suspension, and Cancellation Policy and Procedures defines the circumstances under which a student can defer, suspend, or cancel their enrollment with 21 Academy, as well as the situations under which 21 Academy can suspend or terminate a student's
enrollment. Third Country Nationals Students must be advised that deferring, taking leave from studies or temporarily suspending their studies during their program may affect their student visa.

Download: Deferral, Suspension, and Cancellation Policy

Download: Deferral of Studies Request Form

Download: Suspension of Studies Request Form

Assignment Guidelines

The 21 Academy Assignment Guidelines provide a standardised format for all assignments. A consistent structure not only enhances the professionalism of the work but also facilitates a smoother grading process. Adhering to these guidelines ensures clarity, readability, and
uniformity across all submissions.

Download: Assignment Guidelines


Assignment Extension Policy

The 21 Academy Assignment Submission Deadline Extension Policy applies for specific assessment methods listed in this policy which may be part of or, the only assessment method, for a particular module or a study programme offered by the Academy.

Download: Assignment Extension Policy

Download: Assignment Submission Extension Request Form

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy and Procedure

Plagiarism, which is the act of using someone else's work or ideas without proper attribution, is considered to be highly unethical and is strictly prohibited. Plagiarism undermines the learning process, hinders the development of critical thinking skills, and devalues the educational experience for both students and the institution. In order to maintain a fair and transparent academic environment, we have implemented the following Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy.

Download: Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy and Procedure


Re-Sit Policy

21 Academy is committed to providing appropriate opportunities for students who fail an assessment or module to retrieve their position. Students may also have Extraordinary Circumstances when they cannot sit for an assessment method and thus may need to request they sit for a first sit in a re-sit sitting. This Policy provides further guidance to help the students understand their rights as well as how to apply to
exercise such rights.

Download: Re-sit Policy

Download: Re-Sit Request Form

Download: Rescheduling of First Sit Request Form

Download: Module Retake Request Form

Complaints Procedure Policy

21 Academy is committed to monitoring and evaluating its services to enhance their quality and ensure that they meet the standards it strives to achieve. The Academy therefore has in place mechanisms to ensure that students have the opportunity make their views known. Regular student feedback is also gathered at the end of each course to help us to use our resources in the best way possible to meet student needs.

Download: Complaints Procedure Policy

Link to: Complaints Procedure Form

Equality Policy

21 Academy is committed in its pursuit of academic excellence to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach to equality, which supports and encourages all under-represented groups, promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity. This commitment is underpinned by the Academy's core values.

Download: Equality Policy

Whistleblower Policy

21 Academy is committed to promoting an environment of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.
This Whistleblower Policy provides a mechanism for employees and stakeholders to report concerns or
suspicions of illegal, unethical, or improper activities related to the operations of 21 Academy, while ensuring
confidentiality and protection against retaliation.

Download: Whistleblower Policy

Student Disciplinary Policy

This policy is in place to assist and motivate students to uphold appropriate standards of conduct. The processes outlined in this policy are intended to guarantee consistency and fairness in the handling of disciplinary actions taken in response to claims of unacceptable performance or behaviour. These procedures are not related to a learner's academic performance or capability. This policy has been created to make sure that all students who may be subject to disciplinary action are treated fairly and equally.

Download: Student Disciplinary Policy