8th February 2021 – Written by Vivendo

Operating away from the office had become commonplace well before we found ourselves migrating to our homes en masse. In general, the flexibility is welcome, but it is important to remember that sitting in one place for a long time is still detrimental to health, whether at home or at the office.

When it comes to offering the best conditions for employees, most business owners think of work flexibility, proper remuneration, and career growth opportunities. Not many think of the impact the workplace ergonomics may have on employee’s wellbeing and productivity. The main goal of ergonomics is to ensure employees are comfortable and safe to do their job well – ergonomics and office productivity go hand in hand.

It reduces the risk of injury.
One of the biggest threats to workplace productivity is injury-related absences. Millions of employees suffer work-related injuries every year. Also, work-related injuries have physical and psychological repercussions – an employee suffering with an illness or injury may easily lose their morale which can then affect their productivity levels.

Less room for mistakes.
Uncomfortable employees may easily get distracted and end up making simple, otherwise avoidable, errors that can be quite costly. Ergonomic workstations provide much-needed comfort and allow employees to concentrate more on what they are doing, which often results in fewer mistakes being made.

Comfort = more energy = more productivity. 
Employees who are uncomfortable or in pain tend to feel more tired and drained and this also affects their mental energy. It is difficult to feel inspired, solve problems or come with innovative ideas if you are constantly distracted by physical discomfort.  Comfortable employees have more energy and therefore a higher working capacity overall.

Employees feel cared about.
The simple act of adding ergonomically designed products at the workplace has a profound effect on employees’ motivation and productivity. It shows that you care about their health and overall well-being and recognize their importance and contribution to the company. As such, they are more engaged and more willing to give their best.

Using ergonomics in the workplace to improve workers’ health and safety tends to have a positive effect on the bottom line due to improved productivity, longer retention of trained and skilled workers, higher quality of work, less training expenses, and generally improved labour relations. With such a competitive business environment, you want to make life easier for your employees and ensure they are motivated to work harder and better. What better place to begin than with an ergonomically friendly workstation, whether at the office or at home?

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