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Ergonomics at the Workstation

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Date:18th February 2021
Time:09:00 till 10:00hrs
Guest Speakers:Dr Carlo Conti
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21 Academy in collaboration with Vivendo is pleased to deliver this Free Webinar, Ergonomics at the Workstation – Connecting good posture and company growth.

This webinar, delivered by a professional in the field, will give the opportunity to employers, particularly HR Professionals, to understand how the right  ergonomics for employees can lead to company growth.

Office workers tend to spend most of their waking time sitting at their desks, be it at the office or even when working remotely. It is known that the average person spends 12 hours sitting down every day and this sedentary lifestyle is implicated in a global public health problem.

Whether your team is back at the office full time or working from home, if the ergonomics provided are not set adequately, this could negatively impact their well being, and could eventually translate into pain and diminished productivity.

During this live online webinar, we will be discussing what it means to have good posture and the necessary tools to implement a correct ergonomic set up for your employees. Our posture does not need to be compromised to suit our surroundings. Improving the health and well being of your employees will help them to flourish, be more focused and productive. Identifying the skill sets needed in your industry and investing in the right talent is the first step.

Employee well being and retention follows as a priority in order to achieve your business goals and create more room for continuous growth.

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