45 minutes training starting from €3 per employee up to a maximum of €10 per employee

We could have all the safeguards in place however if employees are not fully aware and fully trained the prevention of COVID-19 would not be achievable at the place of work. Furthermore, the guidelines clearly state the following:

 “The employer is responsible for providing information and guidelines on occupational safety and the health and well-being of all members of staff” 

It may feel inundating to train all your employees but please do not stress as we have created online training to cover all that your employees need to know. This 45-minute video may be shared with all your employees and you can rest assured that your employees will be well-equipped with the dos and don’ts in relation to COVID-19 and this new norm we are living. 

This training is delivered by a fully experienced trainer who by profession is a nurse and has vast experience in infection prevention. 

This online training is highly recommended as it will be one of the measures to show your compliance of the guidelines as well as the legal obligations emanating from Health and Safety Legislation. 

After we took into consideration the unprecedented times we are all going through we kept the costs as low as possible. Each 45 minute session will cost the company as low as €3 per employee up to a maximum of €10 per employee depending on the number of employees to be booked for training. You will be issued with a certificate of participation for each employee.   
What does this training cover?

A full understanding of what is COVID 19 and how this infection is
The 4 pillars of infection prevention:
Hand Hygiene
Surface Disinfectant
Social Distancing
Wearing appropriate PPE
The 4 pillars are covered in detail with actual visuals explaining how all must be done.
Hot topics – Mail, Money and Tools/Equipment
Safety when going back home

Each employee will receive a certificate of attendance after it has been veified that they viewed the training.

Hereunder you will find very brief snippets of the video to give you an ida of the online training however this training is of 45 minutes so there is clearly much more detail and knowledge which is being shared.
How will it work? 
Select the price plan from below depending on the number of employees to be trained

Book your training using the link below or get in touch with us

Once we get your booking we will get in touch with you

We will ask you to provide us with the email addresses of the employees (preferably their work email address)

We will send each employee an individual invite, to register for the training

Once they register (Name, Surname, Company and email address) they will automatically receive an email which will include a single use token to connect to the training and view it.

Once we have verified that employees have viewed the training we will send you their certificates for your record and onward transmission.We will delete all the employees personal details after one month after you have settled the payment or they have participated in the training, which ever comes latest, to give time for any verification that would need to be carried out from your and our end. Once the data is deleted we will not be in a position to verify connectivity and issue new certificates.
Price Plan

Up to    10 employees – €10 per employee 
  11 to   50 employees – €8 euro per employee 
  51 to 150 employees – €7.80 per employee capped at €850
151 to 300 employees – capped at €1,000
301 to 500 employees – capped at €1,250
501 plus employees – capped at €1,500

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Do not hesitate to contact us on info@advisory21.com.mt if you have any queries on the above or any other related matters.