“Do not take it for granted that all your employees have the same awareness and understanding.”

We are noting that discrimination matters are on the increase (in particular in relation to comments/jokes being made at the workplace)  however this does not mean that they are actually making it to Tribunal claims but keep in mind the importance of having the right training and right policies in place. 

We are also noting that the awareness on data protection and confidentiality matters is more of a “new” topic to employees who may have not been exposed to such in their own country. Do not take it for granted that all your employees have the same awareness and understanding – in-house training my be able to assist in putting your mind at rest and avoiding claims.

Training your employees and managers need not necessarily come in tandem with headaches of mounting costs and substantial loss of precious working hours.  In-house training is being adopted by various companies today and has proven to be more beneficial to both the business and the participants.  How so?

  1. Cost-effective: avoid exorbitant public training attendance costs and adapt what you need to what you can afford.  Bringing in a trainer won’t break the bank, and you’ll also save a bunch on travel arrangements for your participants.  You can also make use of your own resources and tools for the training.
  2. Customised for your needs: an in-house trainer gives you the opportunity to have a say in constructing the training program.  It will be tailor-made to suit your business’ specific requirements, and adaptable to various kinds of participants.
  3. Convenient: no need to hassle about disrupting schedules and rosters when your participants are off-site.  With in-house training, you’ll have more control over the scheduling and allocation of time.
  4. Time to team-build: in-house training gives participants the opportunity to put their heads together in a more informal environment.  It can also serve to bring together a variety of individuals from different departments within the same business.
  5. An encouraging environment: rope in some managers or heads of departments to participate in delivery and discussion if you feel that your participants would be more conversant and amenable with them, with the trainer acting as an intermediary.
  6. Tried and tested: experienced trainers will have learnt from their various previous experiences and would have therefore tested what works and what doesn’t.
  7. There to chat: the trainer will be available during breaks and after sessions to have a chat with your participants, and only your participants.
  8. A fresh look: an external figure diving head-first into the workings of your business may bring some fresh new ideas to the table, adopted from other in-house training sessions delivered previously.

Advisory 21 has delivered various tailor-made in-house training programs and we make it a point to always keep in mind the needs and expectations of the business and of its employees. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs on info@advisory21.com.mt