9 May 2022

Environmental Sustainability is an issue of major importance and concern in our world today. References to it are everywhere, from product advertising to public transport wrapping. This is a matter which has been attracting engagement largely by businesses but we at 21 Academy think that awareness should start by educating our future generations.

The largely unexpected pandemic created more awareness about sustaining the well-being of our planet and therefore pushed as an incentive towards the implementation of more eco-sustainability.  Businesses which implement such measures proudly state this in their mission statements and studies show that investment is attracted towards enterprises which adapt these measures. Schools which follow suit are also encouraged to proudly state this as well. Mater Boni Consilii school is one fine example of this, having been awarded the coveted green flag for the eight year running.

In collaboration with the HSBC Malta Foundation and Mater Boni Consilii Paola School, we have lately offered The ESG Environmental Social Governance Leading Sustainable Schools short course. This short course, developed and delivered by Ms Ruth Mansueto, Assistant Head at Mater Boni Consilii offers an informative insight into the importance of achieving more environmentally friendly educational models for schools. These models are inspired by the trend of business models and are being introduced in many schools worldwide.

Five modules make up this short course, during which a discussion takes place about the role of school leaders in implementing sustainable practices and pushing towards the evolution of an immediate and future mindset in making environmental sustainability the new normal in their education program and planning.

It also shows that students need to be involved in the implementation of such measures even from an early age, therefore empowering them to set an example for parents and the older generations. The effects of these policies are immediately seen and provide fast stimulus to do even better.

At the end of the course, attendees are asked to submit their answers to a specially prepared questionnaire. This record will help in further enhancing our vision and point the way towards future similar courses aimed at creating better sustainability. The short course is part of 21 Academy’s commitment to not only being an environmentally sustainable institution but also to contribute, in collaboration with potential stakeholders, in creating educational toolkits to help educators and other educational institutions to follow suit.

The free course is available from this link.