22nd May 2020

The current public health emergency has had a significant effect on businesses. Many have been forced to shut down operations, or have seen a significant dip in business for a while. However, with the ongoing easing of measures, we hope to see the revival of the many businesses which have suffered during this time. However, whilst business may be back, we certainly cannot say that it’s business as usual. Is your business prepared to meet the onslaught of​potential issues which may arise under your new rules? Are you ready to adapt to this ‘new normal’?
Make sure you’ve established your back-to-work procedures for both employees and visitors (hygiene, social distancing, infection containment etc.) Having all this etched out in writing and available to all employees and visitors will provide you with added protection against any claims which may arise on alleged mishandling of the new realities which we all must face for the time being. ​

The team at Advisory 21 can help you develop your very own COVID-19: Back to Work Policy, which aims to set down in writing all the steps and procedures which you intend to take to abide by the authorities’ guidance. Our Policy will guide you towards recommended best practices in hygiene and infection control. It takes into consideration various data privacy measures which you must necessarily consider when collecting data in ways which you hadn’t envisaged before. We will also help you formulate the way Quarantine Leave and Sick Leave are to be availed of in this time of national crisis, whilst affording you all protection possible.

Get in touch with us today to find out more. Send us an email on info@advisory21.com.mt for more information.