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Award in Banking and Finance Law

Detailed Information

Starting Date:24 March 2025
Time:17:30 till 20:30hrs
Lecture Days:Thursdays
Duration:5 sessions - Part Time
Contact hours:15 of 75 total learning hours
MQF/EQF Level:5
Delivery Language:English
Trainers:Dr. Michael Buhagiar
Dr. Kyle J Debattista
Dr. Maria Magro
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Course Objectives

This study programme aims to provide a varied study of the variety of banking and financial services law existing in Malta, which are effectively in a constant state of evolution due to the ever-growing and ever-changing nature of this industry in Malta.

Participants will be introduced to the principles of banking and finance law and the variations thereof which exist around the world, together with the implications which they bring about. The role of banks and financial institutions will be studied with regard to both local and international transactions, and the legislation which would apply specifically to such areas. An introduction to financial regulators in Malta will also provide participants with a sound basis regarding the practical implications of this sector and its regulation to adequately secure traders and investors while allowing the maximum level of freedom and flexibility to financial service providers.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested to understand the Maltese Banking and Finance Law, In-house lawyers, practicing lawyers, law students and employees in the banking and financial sectors.

2 Advanced level subjects at Grade C or better, and 3 Intermediate level subjects at Grade C or better. 1 of any of these subjects must be Maltese or English


3 Advanced level subjects at Grade C or better


Mature/Adult Learning Student (must be 23 when course starts) subject to an interview by the Head of the Academy.

Participants must complete 2 out of a choice of 4 assignment titles.

At the end of the study programme the learner will have been exposed to the following:

  1. The basic principles and features of banking and finance legislation;
  2. The development of law in this sector owing to its constant evolution;
  3. The nature of financial transactions and the manner in which they are regulated on a local and inter-state level;
  4. The measures in place to protect traders, investors and consumers;
  5. The Malta Financial Services Authority, its authority, competences and powers under the law;
  6. Consequences of various types of breaches of the law in the sector;
  7. The relation of anti-money laundering legislation to banking financial services and its practical implications and shortcomings.
The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority deems this Award to be at Level 5 in the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.15 hours Core
Get Your Money BackEmployers can get their money back through
€192.50 will be refunded through the Get Qualified SchemeEmployers applying for the IIS Scheme under the 2nd Call will be eligible to receive a subsidy of €25.85 per trainee per hour in the case of training costs

Detailed Time Table

1. History and Legislative Landscape – 20 March 2025

2. The Basic Legal Notions – 27 March 2025

3. Depositor and Consumer Safeguards – 3 April 2025

4. Banking: A Highly Regulated Business – 10 April 2025

5. Winding Up Banks – 8 May 2025

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