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Joining our Accredited Courses

Starting the Enrolment Process

21 Academy is aware that deciding to join a study programme may not be the easiest of decisions. Potential students need time to think and to understand what they will be committing themselves to.

It is thus why the academy does not commit students to a study programme before they actually sign a contract with the academy. Before entering into the agreement, the academy would have ascertained that the  potential student fulfils the eligibility criteria and that the students have chosen the  payment terms that suit them best.


Step 1 – Submitting the Start Enrolment Process form

By submitting the form you will kick start the process for enrolment during the next intake of the relevant study programme .


Step 2 – Receiving a Provisional Acceptance Letter.

Once 21 Academy is in receipt of your Start Enrolment Process form you will be issued with a provisional acceptance letter and asked to submit further details to prove your eligibility.


Step 3 – Submitting the Verification of Student Profile form

21 Academy’s provisional acceptance letter will include a link to an online form which you would be asked to fill. This form will include your personal details which we need to include in the student’s agreement as well as information on your qualifications or other eligibility criteria.

Once you submit this form, you may be asked to separately submit electronic copies of your qualifications as well as that of an identification document.


Step 4 – The Student’s Agreement

Once the academy confirms that you fulfil the eligibility criteria you will be asked to sign a contract with the academy which will also include your preferred payment terms.


Step 5 – Submitting a signed copy of the Student’s Agreement

It is only after you have submitted the signed copy of the Student’s Agreement that you would have committed to join the study programme. This commitment is important for the academy as 21 Academy commits to a maximum number of students in every intake and thus does not take more students after the maximum number has been reached. This means that last minute cancellations would have precluded others from joining as well as a financial impact to the academy


Step 6 – Acceptance Letter

21 Academy will issue an acceptance letter upon receipt of the signed contract and will then issue the relevant invoice/s according to your chosen payment terms.


Step 7 – Course Resource Centre

Once you have been accepted as a student and closer to each modules’ starting date you will receive access to the Course Resource Centre from where you will have access to in-depth information about each lecture to be delivered in the module, the suggested reading material as well as the lectures’ notes/presentations.

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