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The Behaviour of People at Work – FREE Webinar

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Date:8 June 2022
Time:09:30 till 10:30hrs
Speaker:Sonya Sammut
Delivery Language:English
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Going to work is all about figuring out how to make enough money to afford the lifestyle you desire. Working is all about finding solutions to problems that other people have, but most of the time it’s about figuring out other people – what your boss expects of you; whether your colleagues esteem you; how to manage conflicts between co-workers; how to match people with tasks; when to negotiate and when to count your losses and move on; how to design a new product around your customers’ pain points; and a suite of situations where it certainly pays to know more about the people around you

  • what drives and motivates them
  • what angers and frustrates them
  • which personality traits dominate their character
  • how do they express their emotions and moods
  • what tactics do they use to get what they want

and to move forward and upward; and so on.

If you are intrigued this free webinar is for you.

21 Academy together with experienced scientist Sonya Sammut has designed and will be delivering an accredited study programme about people and their behaviour at work – The Behaviour of People at Work.

This free webinar is a taster of what this study programme, starting in October 2022, can offer you, in terms of knowledge, insights, and empowerment. It will also give you a taste of some of the benefits that you can take away from the course, depending on your needs.

Who should attend?

Those working in, or wish to join, corporate services, human resources and people management; business administration and business management; technical management; team management; policy and business advisories; communications, PR and marketing.

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