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Award in the Biology of People at the Workplace

Detailed Information

Starting Date:24 February 2022
Time:17:30 till 20:00hrs
Lecture Days:Thursdays
Duration:10 Sessions
Contact hours:25
MQF Level5
Trainers:Sonya Sammut
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This study programme gives participants knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed to support their work in a number of occupational and professional areas. In particular, this course is seen to be especially relevant and highly valid for workers in human resources, people management, training, mentoring and coaching, communications and public relations, project management, business advisory and business engineering, social policy development, marketing and consumer behaviour, and even more technical and technological fields such as research and innovation and artificial intelligence.

It mainly focuses on what may be learned about human nature and the biological basis for behaviour, and how it can be used to strengthen communication skills, such as presentation, writing, public relations, marketing, training, etc.

Among others, participants will gain knowledge on;

  • enterprise, entrepreneurship, and the workplace;
  • evolutionary theory;
  • the Central Six and the Big Five personality traits;
  • the biological basis of sex differences;
  • the biological basis of emotions;
  • the biological basis of parenting and parental care;
  • the biological basis of status and esteem, dominance, and leadership;
  • the biological basis of co-operation, altruism, and friendship;
  • the business model and the modern organic enterprise and workplace.

Who should attend?

Those working in, or wish to join, corporate services, human resources and people management; business administration and business management; technical management; team management; policy and business advisories; communications, PR and marketing.

Mode Of Assessment

1 assignment of a maximum of 2,500 words – participants may choose 1 out of 2 titles to be made available to them. Mark weighting shall be of 80% of the global mark.

1 ten-minute presentation to be delivered by the participants. Mark weighting shall be of 80% of the global mark.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants must be in possession of at least a matriculation certification (MQF Level 4) or A Level equivalent


Qualify as a mature student with more than 2 years’ work experience.

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority deems this Award to be at Level 5 in the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.
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€486.50 will be refunded through the Get Qualified SchemeEmployers applying for the IIS Scheme under the 2nd Call will be eligible to receive a subsidy of €25.85 per trainee per hour in the case of training costs,
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€521.25 will be refunded through the Training Pays Scheme
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Detailed Time Table

1. About People and About the Workplace: the Fundamentals

2. A Trip to the Biology Department: Basics of Evolutionary Theory

3. A Focus on the Individual: the Central Six and the Big Five Personality Traits

4. A Focus on the Individual: Sex Differences

5. Emotions at Work: the Function of Coordinating Mechanisms

6. Lift Outside Work: Parental Care and Relationship with Kin

7. Solutions for the Team: Part 1 – Status, Rank and Dominance

8. Solutions for the Team: Part 2 – Esteem Dynamics

9. Solutions for the Team: Part 3 – Cooperation, Alliances and Friendships

10. The Modern Organic Enterprise and Workplace: built around Human Socio-Biology

Booking Form
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