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Performance Management

Detailed Information

Date:23 June 2021
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Trainers:Roselyn Borg
Rachel Falzon
*Those booking for 3 sessions of the Wednesdays' Workshops even if by
different attendees will receive a €30 discount on each set of 3 bookings.
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It is fundamental that all employees meet their job requirements however there could be areas where they need to improve. Therefore the question which normally arises is – what needs to change for them to reach optimal performance?

Performance management is key in every organisation and today it may be even more challenging with some employees working remotely. It is important that performance management is done correctly and this will have a direct impact on the company’s productivity.

Managing underperformance may be difficult and uncomfortable and because it this such may be overlooked. However not addressing this will have a big negative effect on the company as well as employees.

This webinar will cover all there is to know about managing performance and it will give you the confidence to handle performance and manage it as well as dealing with those who are underperforming.

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