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Overview of the Employment & Industrial Relations Act

Detailed Information

Date:Thursday 28th May 2020
Available On Demand
Time:10:00 till 11:30hrs
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
Price:€35 + VAT
On Demand

The Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) (Chap 452 of the Laws of Malta) represents Malta’s primary source of employment law, including conditions of employment, protection against discrimination and industrial relations. In Title 1 it deals with Employment Relations and Title II – Industrial Relations.

In these unprecedented times we often talk about employment law without actually knowing the legal provisions being referred to and this webinar will do ensure we know what is being referred to. It will give one the opportunity to know what salient provisions, this important piece of law covers and how such provisions are to be applied in practice to protect both the employers and employees.

Employment law is a critical area of law and now even more then ever hence having a good overview of the EIRA is relevant and fundamental.

On Demand
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