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Frequently Asked Questions in Employment

Detailed Information

Date:29th January, 2020
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Venue:21 Business Centre, Naxxar
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
Angelito Sciberras
Price:€55 + VAT
*Those booking for 3 sessions of the Wednesdays' Workshops even if by
different attendees will receive a €30 discount on each set of 3 bookings.
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  • What kind of restrictive covenants can be included in a contract of employment?
  • Should the employment contract include data protection clauses?
  • Can we give a new probation period if the employee is given a new role?
  • Can an employee refuse tracking on a company vehicle?
  • Are we responsible for any harassment/sexual harassment between employees which happens during a company’s event outside the place for work and after working hours?
  • Can we access an employee’s work email account when he/she is on vacation leave or terminated employment?

These are just a few of the questions that will be tackled during the workshop Frequently Asked Questions in Employment. The aim of the workshop is to address a number of questions that reach us from employers, HR Professionals and employees. An employment relationship can be overwhelming and it is of importance that a Company and its employees have guidance on this complex sector regulated by different laws. The tendency is for companies to employ a “band-aid” approach to employment issues, consequently this may lead to time-consuming and expensive litigation. The training will address a number of questions and hence will assist the attendees to be aware of potential problems, deal with them in a knowledgeable manner or event avoid them by implementing the right policies, procedures and action.

Send us your own questions at least 5 days before the workshop and we will address them in detail as part of the presentation during the event. Questions can also be raised during the session.

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