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Email Use Policy – A must have

Detailed Information

Date:26th February, 2020
Time:09:00 till 11:00hrs
Venue:21 Business Centre, Naxxar
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
Mr Angelito Sciberras
Price:€175 + VAT*

(*) Price is for Policy and a free seat during the workshop. Additional seats for the workshop at €50 + VAT.

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Email is undoubtedly an important and necessary part of your business. It provides an economical and instant source of communicating with employees, clients and vendors. This powerful tool of communication requires careful management. Otherwise, the same effective tool can lead your business to destructive consequences. Improper usage of the work email by your employees can subject your organization to security breaches, legal claims and reputation damage. To avoid all this, a clear and detailed email policy is required to administer and protect your company email system.

During this 2 hour workshop participants will be given a complete email policy which can be adapted to their company During the workshop the policy’s content will be explained in detail so that the policy can be adapted to the company’s need and implementation will be as smooth as possible following consultation with other departments within the company.

Who should attend: HR Professionals, IT Managers & Data Protection Officers/Leads.

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The Policy is very comprehensive and covers all the dos and don’ts one would expect to have in such a policy. We recommend that this policy should form and integral part of the Employee’s Handbook and should be additional to the Acceptable IT Use Policy.

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