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Disability Law – New Changes and an Overview

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Date:16 June, 2021
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
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In the upcoming days, Parliament will continue discussing the bill regarding amendments proposed to be made to the Persons with Disability (Employment) Act,.

The amendments to the Persons with Disability (Employment) Act (Cap. 210) updates the provisions of the Act relating, to the fixing of quotas for the employment of persons with disability and addresses other consequential amendments. These amendments will be explained in this webinar. In this webinar Dr Roselyn Borg will also cover:

  • an overview of the legal provisions of the Act
  • defining disability and what amounts to disability discrimination
  • how far employers must go when making “reasonable accommodation” and
  • case-law covering disability discrimination

Jobsplus and the Lino Spiteri Foundation will be delivering information regarding the presentation of services/schemes offered to employers prior and upon the employment of disabled persons.

Thus, this webinar will not only present you with the challenges presented by the amendments but will also give you hands on solutions.

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