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COVID-19 & Employment – what we’ve learnt

Detailed Information

Dates:10th December 2020
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Trainers:Roselyn Borg
Patrick Farrugia
Lynn McCormick
Mr Angelito Sciberras
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The first Covid-19 case in Malta was reported on the 7th March. Since then businesses closed temporarily and re-opened, others still have most of their workforce working from home while those mostly hit had to either execute redundancies or ask their employees to work less hours hence taking a lower take-home pay. Since then we were faced with numerous employment law questions – ones we never dreamt of before. The law was not ready for this pandemic but we somehow had to adapt and work with what we have.

In whatever circumstance we found ourselves in we always ended up questioning whether our “normal” work practices were inline with the current employment legislation or whether our new practices breached any regulations. In other words, we ended up questioning what always seemed to have worked for us before.

During these months 21 Law and Advisory 21 came across several cases which exposed deficiencies in work practices applied in different organisations. We learnt a lot. It is now time to share these lessons with you too. It is time to start planning your post Covid-19 work practices and implement them over the first weeks of the new year.

During this webinar, Roselyn Borg, Patrick Farrugia, Lynn McCormick and Angelito Sciberras will be highlighting the lessons learnt during the pandemic and what action must be taken to be prepared and to be in line with local legislation and to be ready for any litigation that may come your way post any COVID-19 decisions.

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