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COVID-19 and Employment Law for Accountants and Finance Professionals

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Date:Wednesday 6th May 2020
Time:10:00 till 11:30hrs
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
Price:€25 + VAT
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Accountants and other financial professionals are increasingly finding themselves face-to-face with several employment law issues in the course of their daily tasks, especially now during the ongoing pandemic crisis where employers are turning to their financial experts to help them restructure their organisational system in an effort to survive. Naturally, they may find that certain measures which they opt to implement may affect employees and their entitlements, and they would subsequently be at odds with themselves as to how to move ahead, as their knowledge of finance-related legislation would find itself intertwined with the world of employment law.

The complexity of employment legislation has been ever-increasing in recent years, with the constant introduction of new provisions and amendments to and updating of existing ones, in an effort to better shape the world of employer-employee relations. Therefore, staying up to date with these developments has never been more essential than at this point in time.

This webinar aims to introduce accountants and financial professionals to the world of employment legislation by covering the basic provisions of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA), more specifically, the sections which are regularly being invoked and reverted to by consequence of the current crisis.  A concise study of other relevant provisions and regulations will also equip participants with the necessary tools to obtain a basic understanding of the workings of the most salient aspects of employment law, to be implemented in their daily work.​

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