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Date:9th September 2020
Time:09:30 till 10:30hrs
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
Mr Angelito Sciberras
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We are all aware that training is important and we know that organizations with superior training often prevail over those with poor training (all else being equal).

At 21 Academy we take pride in creating and designing bespoke courses ensuring that participants become knowledgeable on the subject in question. Furthermore our courses are tailor made to ensure compliance with the Maltese legal system, an added value not found in off the shelf or international programmes.

A course title may not give you enough insight of the content of the course or who should attend and why you should attend. In view of this we are organising a free webinar to delve into the courses we have an offer including new courses we have as well as what we will be launching soon.

We will also explain which courses, workshops and training benefit from funding and we will give a brief overview on what we have on offer for workshops and in house training (delivered face to face or online).

Anyone attending this free webinar will be entitled to a special offer of 10% discount on all courses, workshops and training we have on offer!

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