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Award in Principles of Civil Law

Detailed Information

Starting Date:3 October, 2024
Time:17:30 till 20:30hrs
Lecture Days:Thursday
Duration:13 sessions - Part Time
Contact hours:40 of 200 total learning hours
MQF/EQF Level:5
Delivery Language:English
Trainers:Dr. Marco Ciliberti
Dr. Rosanna Ciliberti
Dr. Edward Saliba
Dr. Sarah Vassallo Ciliberti
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Course Objectives

This is a comprehensive study unit, which aims at going over a wide spectrum of sections of the areas of substantive law contained in the Civil Code, the main piece of Maltese legislation which regulates private inter-personal relations and issues which regularly arise therefrom.

The following sections of Civil Law will be extensively covered.

  • The Law of Persons
  • The Law of Succession
  • The Law of Property
  • The Law of Obligations
  • The Law of Guarantees

This unit aims to cover the following; Roman law, the law of persons (including family law), of property, of obligations (contracts and tort), of succession and of guarantees.

A basic introduction to Roman law will give participants the primary footing upon which they may commence their studies in the principles of civil law, since Roman law has in fact set the foundations for modern civil law to be developed. Other historical aspects which have influenced local civil law will also be studied and discussed, including French and Italian civil law.

Participants will also briefly delve into the concept of Maltese having a mixed legal system and, consequently, the motivations behind a Civil Code drafted by the British on the basis of continental European models.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested to understand Civil Law, law students and supporting staff in law firms or legal offices.

2 Advanced level subjects at Grade C or better, and 3 Intermediate level subjects at Grade C or better. 1 of any of these subjects must be Maltese or English


3 Advanced level subjects at Grade C or better


Mature/Adult Learning Student (must be 23 when course starts) subject to an interview by the Head of the Academy.

Participants will be given a choice of assignment titles to choose one out of two given to address three out of the following five sections:

  • The Law of Persons
  • The Law of Succession
  • The Law of Property
  • The Law of Obligations
  • The Law of Guarantees

A total of 3 assignments

At the end of the study programme the learner will have been exposed to the following:

  1. A basic look at the origins and principles of Roman law and the motivations behind the establishment of the earliest known form of civil law in a similar manner as to that of today;
  2. A brief study of the historical development of Maltese civil law from the Code de Rohan up until the present-day Civil Code;
  3. An analysis of the law of persons, which regulates inter-personal and familial relations and the manner in which they may be officially established and terminated.
  4. An analysis of the law of property regulating rights over property, whether real (attached to property) or personal (attached to a person), together with a study of the rights of ownership, of possession and to servitudes, and the acquisition thereof.
  5. A study of the law of obligations which namely covers the law of contracts and of tort.
  6. An analysis of the law of succession which regulates the manner in which property is transferred following the death of a person.
  7. A basic understanding of the law of guarantees which provides participants with the knowledge as to credit security and the enforcement of a claim thereon, along with the competence to compute the ranking of creditors in the context of a claim.
  8. An analysis of the principle of prescription in the civil law context.
  9. A brief overview of nominate contracts, and the interpretation of the related provisions in jurisprudence , including in the context of sale, letting and hiring, loans etc.
The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority deems this Award to be at Level 5 in the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.
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€665 will be refunded through the Get Qualified SchemeEmployers applying for the IIS Scheme under the 2nd Call will be eligible to receive a subsidy of €25.85 per trainee per hour in the case of training costs

Detailed Time Table

  1. Roman Law as the basis of our Civil Law – 3 October 2024
  2. Effects of Marriage, Personal Separation and Divorce – 10 October 2024
  3. Cohabitation and Matrimonial Regimes – 17 October 2024
  4. Filiation and Parental Authority; Minority and Guardianship, Interdiction and Incapacitation – 24 October 2024
  5. Ownership, Usufruct and Easements- 31 October 2024
  6. Community of Property, Possession and Succession Part 1 – 7 November 2024
  7. Succession: Part 2 – 14 November 2024
  8. Law of Obligations (Part 1): Contracts – 21 November 2024
  9. Law of Obligations (Part 2): Quasi-Contracts, Torts and Quasi-Torts – 28 November 2024
  10. Liquidation of Damages – 5 December 2024
  11. Mandate, Deposit, Loan and Suretyship – 12 December 2024
  12. Lease – 19 December 2024
  13. Sale and Prescription – 20 December 2024
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