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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Industrial Tribunal

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Date:1st July 2020
Time:14:00 till 15:30hrs
Trainers:Dr Roselyn Borg
Patrick Farrugia
Price:€35 + VAT
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Since the Industrial Tribunal is a specialised adjudicating body from the superior courts of Malta, certain rules will differ in terms of procedure.  Because many procedural rules in the Industrial Tribunal are not always provided for in writing, direct exposure to the way it works is essential for a practical outlook.  Therefore, this workshop aims to provide attendees with a practical outlook from the eyes of a professional, and shall mainly cover:

  • The kinds of cases which go before the Industrial Tribunal
  • Preliminary settlement attempts
  • How a case should be submitted
  • The difference between a rikors and dikjarazzjoni tal-każ
  • Preliminary sittings
  • The basic rules of evidence
  • Awards

This interactive webinar will serve as an essential taster to anyone interested in the ins-and-outs and the ups-and-downs of the Industrial Tribunal’s procedures, whether you’re an aspiring lawyer wishing to branch out into new fields, or an HR administrator who wants to know what they might be getting into if a new case finds itself on your desk!

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