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5 years of GDPR for HR – what have we learned?

Detailed Information

Date:26 April 2023
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Trainers:Mr Angelito Sciberras
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May 25, 2023 marks the fifth anniversary since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in all EU Member States including Malta.


Many myths have been debunked, but many lessons have also been learned. Although the legislation has not changed since then, case law, data breach reports, complaints filed with various supervisory agencies, and new subsidiary legislation have all contributed to a better grasp of the regulation.

Angelito Sciberras, Data Protection Officer and co-author of the book GDPR for HR Professionals, will discuss the implications of data privacy legislation on human resource management (HRM) in this webinar.

Participants will be guided through the lessons learned over the past five years, using specific examples from local and other member state cases and reports. They will also:

  • understand the significance of the HRM data being processed
  • review the HRM compliance checklist
  • be exposed to instances in which companies were fined heavily for poor practices or avoidable data breaches
  • learn about the important retention periods for common personal data processed by human resources
  • understand the implications of not having the right notices and procedures in place
  • self-assess whether their data handling practises are in accordance with the law


Who should attend?

Employers, Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Supervisors and Compliance Officers

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