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The Working of the Industrial Tribunal

Detailed Information

Date:18 May 2022
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Trainer:Dr Christine Calleja
*Those booking for 3 sessions of the Wednesdays' Workshops even if by
different attendees will receive a €30 discount on each set of 3 bookings.
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The Workings of the Industrial Tribunal.


Employment related disputes are generally heard and decided by the Industrial Tribunal, which has exclusive competence in specific areas as provided for by the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (Chapter 452). The Tribunal may be chaired by a lawyer or a person who has experience in the industrial relations field, and its decisions are subject to appeal only in limited instances. As will be explained during the webinar, the Tribunal has wide discretion in regulating its own procedures and in deciding on the amount of compensation to award employees.

During this three-hour webinar employment lawyer Dr Christine Calleja will be covering the following:

  • The composition and competence of the Industrial Tribunal;
  • The manner in which proceedings are handled by the Industrial Tribunal;
  • How awards of the Industrial Tribunal are calculated;
  • Cases where an appeal from the Industrial Tribunal is possible;
  • Preparing for an Industrial Tribunal case.


Who should attend?

In house lawyers, Managers, and Human Resource Professionals.

Employers can get their money back through
Employers applying for the IIS Scheme will be eligible to receive a subsidy of €25.85 per trainee per hour in the case of training costs.
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