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Using WhatsApp for Work – The implications

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Date:17 June 2021
Time:09:00 till 10:00hrs
Speakers:Angelito Sciberras
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WhatsApp has become one of the most commonly means of communication used on a day to day basis. Many feel that using the app for messaging and calling is very safe as the communication between the devices is encrypted. The possibility to create groups and thus communicate with a number of individuals at the same time makes the app even more attractive especially among team leaders, supervisors, managers and others.

During this one hour free webinar Angelito Sciberras will explain the different functionalities of the app  and thus the different implications there may be if the app is used for work purposes such as communicating with employees and sharing company data over the platform.

  • The pros and cons of using WhatsApp
  • Is WhatsApp really safe?
  • Which data does WhatsApp collect and stores?
  • Should Company personal data be shared via WhatsApp?
  • Can a subject access request include messages shared over WhatsApp?
  • Can WhatsApp data be breached?
  • Should the use be regulated by a policy?

These and other questions will be addressed during this webinar being organised by 21 Academy. Participants will be able to ask questions as well as share their experiences on the use of the app, or similar ones, at the place of work.

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