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Understanding Education and Training Qualifications

Detailed Information

Date:26th January 2021
Time:09:00 till 10:00hrs
Guest Speakers:Mr Lawrence Azzopardi, MFHEA
Ms Madonna Maroun, MFHEA
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If you are a person looking into options to continue your studies or an employer trying to understand the qualifications of the job applicants, the different terms used to describe and define a certain study programme might seem pretty confusing. If not well informed, it can be quite complex to understand exactly what the study programme actually really gives you in terms of learning outcomes. This kind of information is very relevant for HR professionals or anyone involved in training and development. With the breadth and choice of qualifications and awards available it can be confusing and complicated.

However help is at hand! 21 Academy is organizing a free webinar to help you understand the various study programmes and what they involve, including the number of credits, the hours required to achieve particular qualification, the terminology used to define all study programmes and much more.

For this webinar, 21 Academy has invited as guest speakers, representatives from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, Mr Lawrence Azzopardi, Head Accreditation, Licensing, Validation and Quality Assurance, and Ms Madonna Maroun, Research and Policy Manager and MQF coordinator for Malta.

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