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Challenges for Female and Male Employees: are they different?

Detailed Information

Date:24 November 2021
Time:09:00 till 12:00hrs
Venue:21 Business Centre, Naxxar OR Online
Trainer:Sonya Sammut
Price:Online €55
In Class €60
*Those booking for 3 sessions of the Wednesdays' Workshops even if by
different attendees will receive a €30 discount on each set of 3 bookings.
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Gender equality is one of the greatest mainstays achieved by society at large in several parts of the world, following decades of campaigning and political bargaining aimed at recognising that one should not be at the receiving end of any detrimental treatment solely on account of one’s gender.

However, this often brings along a deeper question as to how persons of different genders are to be handled in general. Equal treatment is possible in most respects, yet certain instances require differential treatment owing to the very nature of the individual – one of the most basic examples being maternity leave, which is naturally only available to women. On the other end of the spectrum, one may also be faced with arguments against unfavourable treatment of men – yes, it happens – where genuine pro-woman policies and behaviour may indirectly (and generally unintentionally) place men in a disadvantaged position.

It therefore becomes essential that whilst measures aimed at improving gender equality at the workplace are often necessary, these are to be implemented in an intelligent manner without compromising the very reason why equality exists – to provide a level playing field with equal opportunities for all. We will be discussing this highly sensitive topic during this workshop, analysing what should and shouldn’t be done, the safe ways of implementing necessary change, and how to handle grievances and other incidents which may arise due to differential treatment.

Who should attend?

Managers, Human Resource Professionals and Supervisors

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