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Undergraduate Certificate in Events Management

Detailed Information

Starting Date:7 May 2023
Time:09.00 to 12.00hrs
Lecture Days:Monday to Frday
Lectures Duration:
Course Duration:
3 months - Full Time
4 months - Full Time
Contact hours:150 of 750 total learning hours
MQF/EQF Level:5
Venue:21 Academy, Naxxar, Malta
Delivery Language:English
Visa RequirementsClick Here

This course develops knowledge and skills in the planning, execution and management of live events including concerts, festivals, exhibitions, theatre, and sporting events. It provides expertise in a range of event management skills and techniques and enables the participants to fully engage with the contexts and communities involved in the event management process across national and international work environments. It also helps the participants to innovatively apply skills and creatively problem-solve to establish a pioneering approach to event management.

The course will provide participants with the knowledge to effectively, proactively and innovatively understand the complexities that goes with event planning, how to, implement event management and event planning strategies, provide good customer service, create a credible event plan, work with multiple clients and vendors, safeguard the wellbeing of performers and attendees, safely process personal data in accordance to data privacy legislation and deliver overall exceptional results.

This comprehensive course is suitable for anyone looking to improve their job prospects or aspiring to accelerate their career in this sector and want to gain in-depth knowledge of Event Management and Event Production.

Successful students may seek a career in:

  • Event Organiser
  • Event Management
  • Event Producer
  • Event Service Provider

It should be noted that the proposed course aims to prepare students to be better prepared when seeking such jobs but does not offer any guarantees in this regard.

Applicants must be in possession of at least a matriculation certification (MQF Level 4) or A Level equivalent


In accordance with the Academy’s RPL policy.

Different assessment methods will be used throughout the course. These include,

  • Assignments
  • Self-assessments
  • Simulation
  • Presentations
  • Reflective Diaries
  • Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQ)
  1. Define Event Management Fundamentals
  2. Prepare event design & production
  3. Understand teamwork and conflict resolution and working under pressure
  4. Identify Health & Safety requirements during different events
  5. Design marketing for different audiences
  6. Handle data securely
  7. Practice effective communication
  8. Understand event budgeting requirements
  9. Explain how a range of different types of events are initiated and planned and executed.
  10. Assist in Event Design, Production and Management
  11. Help with the different organisation skills needed to organise live, hybrid or online events
  12. Identify the various tasks which are involved in the management of a variety of different types of events.
  13. Determine how physical and human resources will be organised in preparation for staging an event, so that needs are appropriately analysed and catered for.
  14. Develop a financial management plan for an event.
  15. Develop a marketing plan for an event.
  16. Communicate effectively
  17. Develop a series of internal audit and risk management procedures to minimize the impact of different types of problems including financial, data handling, health & safety, crowd control, food services, and hygiene.
The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority deems this Undergraduate Certificate to be at Level 5 in the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.
Other Exit AwardECTS
Award in Handling Data Securely 2
Award in Event Marketing & Communications3
Award in Health & Safety (Events Management) 3
Award in Budgeting (Events Management)3

Modules Details

Module NameECTSContact HoursMode of Assessment
1. Event Design210Presentation
Reflective Diary
2. Event Production315Simulation
Reflective Diary
3. Event Management315Assignment
4. Logistics315Presentation
5. Hybrid/Online Events315Self-Assessment
Reflective Diary
6. Teamwork & Conflict Management210Presentation
Reflective Diary
7. Health & Safety315MCQ
8. Event Marketing & Communications315Self-Assessment
9. Handling Data Securely210Self-Assessment
10. Presentation & Speaking Skills315Self-Assessment
Presentation Pitch
11. Budgeting315Assignment


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